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Based on a classic design patented in the 1920’s, this quirky Eye Clock looks incredibly contemporary and will be one of the coolest desktop decorations we’ve seen in ages.. Left eye is for the hour display and right eye is for the minute display. It can roll to show different time, but without numbers or index. At different time, this sleek timepiece can look like a human’s expression. This is guaranteed to attract befuddled but admiring glances wherever you choose to place it.

The Wall Clock with Hidden Safe is a stylish and functioning wall clock with hidden space for valuable behind the face. An innovative wall safe among the many home safes, with the safe cleverly hidden right behind the wall clock. Perfect for stashing jewelry, cash, or credit cards.

This section sound super texture and feel, shape super dynamic, super domineering, piano paint, the color is very beautiful. In particular, he has four sports car tire grip feel, how a cool Zile. In addition, the the section car's sound quality is great, speakers with a total of diaphragm, the bass is very good. Take home you definitely like the incredible.